Monday, November 10, 2014

Sawyer is ONE!

Sweet Sawyer is one year old!  He is an absolute doll.  I mean, look at this face:
Sawyer waves, claps, says "Mama", and likes to look at books.  He giggles when we get a book out to read, which makes my teacher-heart happy.  Sawyer tries to copy everything Henry does, but also flops on the floor and screams when Henry comes near him sometimes.  Definitely a second child tactic.  

In September, we visited a pediatric neurologist because our pediatrician was concerned that Sawyer wasn't crawling at 9 months old.  The neurologist said that Sawyer was fine, but to come back in a few months if he wasn't walking yet.  Sawyer started crawling at around 10 months old, and he started walking last week!  Yay!
Sawyer's Favorite Things:
Food: Fruit squeeze pouches
Book: That's Not My Tiger
Song: Any song the dalmations sing on the Disney Channel
Favorite Time of Day: Bath time
Favorite Toy: Puzzles
Must-Haves:  green blanket, elephant and giraffe pacis

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